About me

Welcome to my blog about balance, healing, and recovery after fatiguesyndrom.

My name is Cecilia Helle. I live on an island in Stockholm archipelago, near the sea and the tranquility. Trying to find the balance is the most important thing to me.

Nature help me to recharge my batteries. 

But it has not always been like that, I have lived in Stockholm, had several jobs as a journalist and editor, I have published a novel, raised a large family, and traveled a lot.

A couple of years ago I got sick, get burned out and did not get out of bed in a year. 

Then I got the advice of my doctor to move out to the country. My doctor had seen many of his patients become healthier as they lived closer to nature.

Said and done. My husband and I packed up our stuff and stowed them in the car. We moved out to our little countryhouse in the countryside. Every now and then I thought it was a terrible mistake, I had never really liked the country, and thought that I would miss my job, all friends, having coffee in town, the closeness to the gym and my grocery store with the large variety of food. 

The first time was tough because I was very sick, but as I got better, I began to love my life on our island. The walks in the forest, the boat trips out into the outer archipelago, to be able to follow the seasonal changes. The silence, and perhaps most important of all, that I had plenty of time and could live in a much slower pace. I had time to take it easy, reflect, meditate, relax and do nothing. 

As the energy started to grow, I could begin to devote myself to more active recovery, such as physical activity, which made me even more energetic. 

Today I feel better than ever. Now then I have learned to live in a more sustainable way, I want to share some of the lessons I have learned. Because you can feel good again, really good, and I know how.

My challenge now is to keep my balance when I slowly get more active again. Hope you want to join me on my journey.

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