The archipelago in my heart

I will write some posts in English now and then, because I´ve noticed that many of you readers are English-speaking. If you speak Swedish you can just skip them, or you read too. Most Swedes are fluent in English.

Today I am going to tell you a little bit about the island were I live, an island in the Stockholm archipelago. Here I live surrounded by forest and sea. This morning as I took my walk, I encountured deer jumped over the road. Right now we have sun and a thin layer of snow, but in six months it is summer, and then I am out in my boat enjoying views like the ones I am posting today.

The Stockholm Archipelago is as most beautiful at the far end, there you can find small desert island where you can sunbath and swim from the cliffs all alone. You can grill saugages and sleep in tents. Be really close to nature.

But this time of year is also nice. The tourists have gone home, and the peace and quiet have settled. It is pure serenity. You can hear the birds sing. Often it´s completely silent.

With my experience of stress and burnout it is a perfect environment.

It was my doctor who recommended me to move out in the country to heal, and that was good advice. There are so many unnecessary sounds in the city. Our brain is made for a life in nature, and it is strange how powerful it is to give the brain what it wants. If you do not have the opportunity to live by the sea, you may be able to seek out nature at your leisure. Or you can buy forest wallpaper and listen to the sounds of the seawaves in your cellphone.

I dont know if it´s working, but it is worth trying.

Please tell me how you heal your brain after fatigue!

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